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March 2016

Silverbyte hosts Hotel Managers Seminar in Cebu, Philippines

Cebu, the Philippines, March 12, 2016 - Silverbyte, together with Keep Track Solutions Pte Ltd, and CHITA, Cebu Hotels IT Association, hosted a seminar to hotel managers and IT managers in Cebu.

Feature event was a lecture on the power of technology in hotel management, given by Mr David Boker, renowned Hotelier and General Manager of Silverbyte Ltd. The two-hour talk showed how technology should be used in servicing hotel guests as well as managing operational and financial aspects of a hotel or a group of hotels in real-time. Owners and managers should have quick and easy access in both graphical and non-graphical ways to statistics on all areas of the hotel including but not limited to guests, users, revenue, prices, restrictions, online bookings and be able to manage them automatically and with ease directly from a single source. In addition, being able to manage the hotel anytime and anywhere, using the right advanced technology.

“Information” is a key word for a success of any hotel. The hotel database stores a wide range of information about its guests, trends, occupancy, market segments, source of business and more, which can be easily used to understand each market segment and each hotel's unique business. This allows hotel managers and staff to make the right decisions at the right time increasing effectiveness in all areas of the hotel.

By having information presented intelligently in various ways in real-time, hotel managers can more easily make the right decision at the right time, based on real-time information that will result in more income by increasing the occupancy (for new and repeat guests), yielding the right price for the right guests and navigating the hotel to cope with a dynamic market.

Optima Hotel Management Solutions are accessible from anywhere at any time and while managers can issue smart reports from Optima, owners and sales people automatically receive a daily financial and operational snapshot reports in their inbox which they can also view online on their smartphones with an Optima smartphone app.

“All hotel stake holders can keep their fingers on the pulse of the hotel independently, without having to depend on others spending hours to gather and compile information for them” said Mr Boker. “At the same time, it is vital that Hotel Management Software is easy to use especially for inexperienced hotel staff, in being able to carry out daily tasks, such entering reservations, check-ins and check-outs. These critical guest facing functions must be done in the easiest and quickest possible way, allowing the reception team more smiling face to face time with guests.

At the end of the day hotel guests are the most valuable assets of the hotel and have to feel like they have been treated like Kings and Queens. Facebook, TripAdvisor, Booking and other channels, can either be a blessing if a guest says nice things about their stay or a nightmare is they say things that are not so nice or worse if they really bad mouth the service. Hotels must invest tremendous efforts to give the best service ever!".

Hoteliers that showed interest in Optima met Mr. Boker separately during his visit to the Philippines. “I believe that the Philippines has unique advantages to foreign tourists” said David “it is a growing destination for both business and pleasure seekers and the mixture of tourists, as well and the numbers will change. Hotels that will take action and implement new technologies can and will benefit from it, hotels that do not invest in technology will be left behind and have to struggle more to survive. Optima has a combination of advanced technology in enhancing hospitality standards to a higher level along with direct online connections to international sales channels that will make the difference for those that will use Optima”.

Optima Hotel Management software solution is sold in the Philippines by Keep Track Solutions. To contact KTS representative please click here.

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