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May 2005.  

Mano Maritime Launches Silverbyte’s First Self-Service Check Out Kiosk on a cruise ship.

Haifa, Israel - May 14, 2005 - The Optima Express Check Out Kiosk allows passengers to check out of the ship without having to cue up in lines during the last night of the cruise.

Optima Self Service Check Out Kiosk is installed on the Iris, a luxurious cruise ship, cruising the Mediterranean Sea allowing passengers the option of bypassing the front desk if that's their preference.

Optima Self Service Check Out Kiosk joins other Optima Cruise software already installed on the ship, including the new version of Optima Ship, built for better service to the passengers.

Optima Self Service Check Out Kiosk is designed for simple, quick and yet fully functional process that allows passengers to easily view their folios and pay with a credit card. On the ship the connection to the credit card center on shore is done on a daily basis (while in hotels it is done on line).

The Express Check Out Kiosk technology was developed by Silverbyte Systems and is fully integrated with the Optima Ship or Optima Property Management System without a need for an interface. The Express Check Out user interface is multi lingual and allows the hotel or ship management to decide which languages will be in use and add languages that were not originally defined in the system by a simple, built in process of translation.

Self Service Check out kiosk Check out Kiosk

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