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Optima Global Connections  

Optima Global Connection is a revolutionary interface between Optima PMS to the GDS and IDS channels allowing seamless integration between Optima PMS and the various global booking channels. This integration enhances the control on distributed prices and availability while receiving all reservations from these channels directly to the hotels’ databases.
Optima Global Online Connection turns Optima PMS into a complete integrated channel manager for any type of hotel allowing automatic or semi automatic control across all sales channels.

Interface to the GDS
Optima Interface to Synxis allows you to update rates, inventory and restrictions across multiple third-party sites from a single platform. You can manage all the GDS and third party web sites with the same effort required to manage them in your own PMS. Optima PMS combines the expertise in channel management connection technology with extensive knowledge of hotel business processes. Together they provide the leading on-line distribution solution that fits any hotel needs.

online GDS and OTASilverbyte Interface to the GDS allows you to:
Reduce time spent managing extranets with the efficiency of one interface
Automatically load inventory into channels to sell excess inventory
Construct and update parity groups to easily accommodate dynamic pricing decisions
Access a display of current inventory, prices and restrictions across multiple sites in real-time
Provides you with flexibility when choosing which sites to update and allows you to easily execute pricing changes.

Interface to IDS
Optima automates the exchange of booking information with various global booking web sites.
Optima exchanges rates, restrictions and inventory information on line, retrieves bookings and booking updates and inserts them automatically into the PMS.
This automatic process saves costly human resources required to maintain rates across several systems and having to manually input reservations received via fax or email. It also eliminates the charges of a intermediate third party between the PMS and the booking site.


GDS OTA two ways InterfaceClick Click here to view Optima Demo video now (including Global Connection)

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