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June 2007

Fashion TV launches the F Diamond cruise ship with Optima Cruise software package

Ashdod, 10 June 2007. Fashion TV launched of the majestic F. Diamond Fashion TV's luxurious cruise ship, utilizing the latest updates of Optima Cruise software package. 

The beautiful F. Diamond is 140m long and has 8 decks. It has over 200 luxury cabins, indoor and outdoor restaurants, discos and nightclubs, a casino and Poker rooms, chill out lounges and a stunning outdoor pool featuring non-stop parties and fashion shows and is tipped to be the hottest event of the year.

More details on the F Diamond can be seen at

The implementation of the Optima Cruise Package on the F.Diamond ship included the Optima Ship, Optima Easy-POS, Personal Magnetic ID Cards for purchasing in the outlets and for the boarding system and biometric identification of passengers.

Optima ship is designed to meet the needs on board a cruise ship, based on the technology and features of the Optima PMS. The Front Office Accounting module receives manifests from the central reservation system, opens folios for the cruise passengers and crew, centralizes all charges from the points of sales and closes the accounts upon arrival to final destination. The Optima Easy-POS handles all the outlets on board allowing passengers to charge their folio only with their personal magnetic passenger card.
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About Fashion TV:

FTV is the only 24 hours / 7 days fashion, beauty and style TV station worldwide and provides glamorous entertainment with emphasis on the latest trends. Since its inception in 1997, FTV has been independent and has established itself as a TV authority for fashion, lifestyle and trends. FTV is one of the four most distributed channels worldwide (top three outside of the USA)

F.Diamond Fashion TV Ship

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