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Optima Electronic Fax Module (EFM) installed at Fattal Hotels.

During March 2003, Silverbyte implemented its new solution for paperless reservations office at the Fattal Hotels Group CRO.

The integrated EFM in the Optima PMS allows the reservations office to abandon the old habit of dealing with piles of fax paper and searching for reservations’ documents and historic files in archives.

The Electronic Fax Module connects to any standard Windows based fax software (TIF files). The Optima user accesses the fax directly from Optima in its current location.

An Optima PMS supervisor is allowed to move the faxes to other directories and re-arrange the incoming faxes by different categories or file them to specific users.

From the “View Fax” window the user can open the FIT or Group reservation window and enter the information into the system while viewing the fax. When the reservation is saved the fax is filed and attached to the reservation. All the users can view the faxes at any time from the reservation window. The system allows attachment of unlimited number of faxes to any reservation.

Once the reservation is confirmed the user can either send a formal confirmation letter in any language using Optima Forms module or type a confirmation directly on the received fax and send it back.

Advantages of the EFM:

  • Paperless reservation office
  • No paper lost between reservations and reception offices
  • No paper lost between the reception office and accounts receivable.
  • Fax is always available to anyone dealing with the reservation. No need to look in archives.
  • Easy and quick reply by fax directly from Optima PMS.

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