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October, 2005

Silverbyte Systems nominated for 2005 IT Awards

Tel Aviv, 10 October, 2005. The Israel IT industry awards ceremony took place on October 10 with the participation of senior managers from high tech and public sector organizations.

Among the award winning projects were military and police projects, the new Airport Terminal 3 IT project, Israel National Bank B2B project and the implementation of a new ERP system at Israel Aviation Industry with thousands of simultaneous users.

A special award was given to the Israeli Security Agency (ISA) for its total computer perception and the definition of IT as a significant tool in the fight against terror.

Silverbyte Systems was the only private company that managed to reach the final stage of the competition with its project of improving the efficiency of hotel groups reservations centers, including centralizing computer and human resources, managing electronic faxes, and the electronic reservations clerk projects that are global innovations in the hotel industry.

The Silverbyte project has been a success thanks to creative thinking, unconventional approach, and close cooperation with customers from the outset.

The implementation of the Silverbyte solution has let to substantial cuts in operational costs and increased reservations turnover in all the participating hotel groups.

The project excels because of its breadth, simplicity, correct use of the right technology and full understanding of hotel groups needs.

IT Awards 2005

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