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October 2007

Leonardo Hotels choose Optima as their Hotel Management SoftwareHotels in Berlin

Frankfurt, Germany – October 29, 2007 – Silverbyte Systems, a provider of hotels, hotel groups and cruise ships management software, announced today that the Leonardo Hotels, the new hotel chain in Germany, managed by Fattal International Hotels, has started the implementation of the Optima Hotel Management System in all the hotels in Germany and their head office in Berlin. The Optima solution includes on line bookings from the group’s web site and two way interfaces to the global distribution systems and Expedia that will be installed in the next few weeks.

Leonardo Hotels group was established this year with the slogan of “The Art to Feel at Home”. Till the end of 2007 the group will be managing 14 hotels (Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt, Dresden, Nurnberg, Cologne and other cities) and is looking to expand to attractive city locations throughout Europe. During November Leonardo Hotels will take over the Rigihof Hotel in Zurich and five hotels located in Belgium. All the hotels are owned, developed and managed by the innovative Fattal International Chain.

Optima Hotel Management Software is installed on the group’s servers located in Berlin and all the hotels are connected to the main server and run all applications directly on the servers. The local activities of the hotels are managed using Optima PMS, Optima POS and Optima Events. Daily process sends information to selected managers of the group by email reporting the hotels’ daily revenues, occupancy and average rates as well as expected revenues that are currently on the books compared to budgets and forecasts.

At the same time an on line booking engine will allow web surfers and contracted companied to make reservations directly on the hotels’ database using Optima Web Booking Engine.

By the beginning of 2008 Leonardo Hotels will implement the Optima B2B interface to the GDS and IDS channels allowing seamless integration between the Optima PMS and the various booking channels that will enhance the control on distributed prices and availability while receiving all reservations from these channels directly to the hotels’ databases. Future plans are made to connect the same interface directly to leading booking sources such Expedia, HRS and others.

As each Leonardo Hotel is individually located and has different segments of guests and local customers, Optima allows the hotels with flexible marketing tools aimed to the different sectors that allow the hotel to sell independently and directly to its local market. Similar tools centralize information from all the hotels providing the group’s sales department approach national and international sources of bookings using information based on past and future activities of these sources.

“We look at Silverbyte as our partners” said Mr. Daniel Roger, General Manager of the Leonardo Hotels. “Silverbyte has managed to answer every need and idea that we come up with and help us promote to the highest technological levels that most of our competitors cannot even dream of. Silverbyte certainly sees our success as their own, their training and ongoing support is excellent and gives our staff a comfortable and encouraging feeling that we are in good hands”.

Leonardo Hotels have hotels in Berlin, hotels in Munich and other hotels in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and Israel.

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