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Optima Mass eMail Sender (MMS)

The Optima MMS is Internet mass e-mail sender that sends customized personal letters to a list of e-mail recipients. 

E-Mail is one of the most powerful and least expensive marketing tools available and has been fully incorporated into the Optima PMS. MMS can send direct personal emails to guests, club members, travel agents and companies using sophisticated filters and without postage costs.

The logic of the MMS is the same as in any standard mail merge application:

Custom letter - The letter can be either a standard predefined letter chosen from a list or a letter specifically written for the occasion. The letter may contain personal information of the recipient taken from the data source file. 

Data source -The data source file may be the guest profile table, the customers’ table or any file created specially for the current occasion (such as reports saved as files).

Send mail - By clicking “Send Mail” the system will start sending the personal letters by e-mail one by one. The system may send hundreds of e-mails per minute (depending on connection speed).

MMS puts up with all current regulations for anti-SPAM as only guests who allow the hotel to send them e-mail write their e-mail address on the registration card. Still we recommend allowing guests to "opt out" of mass E-Mails.

Reservations made by the Optima Web Booking System automatically store guests’ E-Mail and use them to send confirmations automatically.

E-Mail marketing can be used to market selected guests, all guests, or to certain guests, based on various parameters.  For example, you can send an E-Mail to all guests that have their birthday this month, or notify selected guests of property specials (for example to guest who have stayed in the hotel last Christmas and live in the United Kingdom). MMS is capable of sending thousands of E-Mails with just a few minutes. 

Advantages of the MMS:

- Free direct mailing to your customers, send as much as you like.

- Flexible to write any kind of personal e-mail.

- Flexible data sources to send mail only to the exact selected recipients.

- Sends link to your web site and WIRS for direct Internet booking.

- Quick personal response to last minute drops in hotel availability.

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