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Silverbyte Systems completed the implementation of Optima Cruise Management System on board the Magic One cruise ship and reached 100% penetration to the cruise ship market in Israel.

Haifa, Israel – March 22, 2006 – Silverbyte Systems, a provider of hotels, hotel groups and cruise ships management software, announced today that it has successfully completed the penetration to the entire Israeli Cruise Ship market with installations on board all the cruise ship sailing from Israel.

The last cruise ship to implement Optima Cruise was the Magic One. The Magic will run the entire Optima Cruise solution including Optima Ship managing passengers and crew, folios, charges and cabins, Optima Easy-POS for the various points of sales, Optima Shorex for shore excursions ticketing and scheduling, Optima Boarding for tracking embarkments and disembarkments of passengers and crew, Optima Priority for stocks, purchasing and general ledger and other Optima Cruise products.


The Magic One cruise ship was built in 1977 and has recently been widely renovated to stand the American standard. The Magic One has 265 passenger cabins and employs 300 crewmembers from different countries. It sails usually twice a week from Ashdod Port to the Eastern Mediterranean ports of Cyprus, Turkey and Greece. 


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