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Silverbyte completed a Passengers’ Cards project in Mano Maritime Cruise Ships

Silverbyte completed the second stage of the project of computerizing Mano Maritime cruise ships.

Mano Maritime owns three ships operating passengers lines to the Black Sea and cruises on the Mediterranean during Summer time, carrying dozens of thousands of passengers a year. The passengers ships have been using the “Optima Cruise” package now for two years.

Mano Maritime management decided to combine the new regulation of European Ports with a new on board buying procedures for the passenger that will increase the revenues of food and beverage on board. They were also looking to simplify check out procedures.

Personal Magnetic Card

With the new system, developed by Silverbyte, all the passengers are being photographed upon check in and their pictures are printed on personal passenger’s card. This card is used to identify the passenger in the points of sales and is the only way to spend money on board (cash is not accepted in the POS). When disembarking, the passengers have to swipe the card and let the system know that they went off shore or returned to ship. Before the ship leaves the port the staff issues a report that lists the passengers that have not returned with their pictures. This report is given to the shore staff that look for the missing passengers (usually in the duty free shop).

Express check out as a standard.

At the end of the cruise a process is run to charge all the folios using the credit cards given at check in. The connection to the credit card center is done using a cellular modem connecting to Silverbyte office. In long cruises this process is done every other day.

The new procedures proved to boost up sells on board as they made buying easy and allowed all members of the family to charge their bill. Checking out without standing in lines during the last night eased the stress that used to be a rather bad experience at the end of every cruise.

Eran Boker

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