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Optima Multi PMS

The Multi PMS program is a unique system that combines PMS of number of hotels under one leading system and is ideal to small and medium hotel chains that do not wish to invest in large, complicated and expensive central reservation systems and still enjoy the benefits of using advanced, sophisticated central management systems.

Multi PMS allows the user to view the occupancy of all the hotels in the group at one glance and access each and every hotel easily. A direct access is available to any specific hotel new FIT reservation, new group reservation, monthly availability, search reservation, price quotation and the main menu (depending on security levels).

The main window lists all the hotels and shows their daily availability for the next 10 days. The user can scroll to the next 10 days or jump to any given date the same way as in the standard hotel availability window. By pressing a button the user can view the hotel’s availability by room categories and types and quickly view the same information of a different hotel. The daily comments are shown for every hotel plus global daily selling instruction for the chain. 

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