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December 2013.  

Silverbyte held second Hotel Managers Seminar in Myanmar

Yangon, Myanmar - Silverbyte, together with its Myanmar partner, Lucky Bird Group of Companies, held a second seminar to hotel managers in Yangon.

Mrs. May Phyu Thwe, Director of Lucky Bird Group of Companies, Silverbyte’s partner in Myanmar, opened the seminar by introducing Optima to the audience. Lucky Bird team has attended various Optima courses, has done the first installation of Optima in Myanmar and is now able to implement Optima Hotel Management Software solutions in any hotel in Myanmar and support Optima throughout Myanmar, using its head office in Yangon and branch offices in Mandalay and Nay Pyi Taw.

Mr. David Boker, General Manager of Silverbyte Systems, spoke about Optima Hotel Management Software solution as a valuable platform to promote the hotels business in Myanmar and meet the international standards of hotel management: “Information is a key word for a success of any hotel. The hotel database stores a wide range of information about its guests, trends, occupancies, segments, source of business and more, which can be easily used to understand the market and the hotel unique business resulting in smart decision that affects the results of the hotel. By analyzing the information smartly, the hotel manager can make the right decision, based on real figures that will generate more income by increasing the occupancies, yielding the right price for the right guests and navigating the hotel to cope with the dynamic market. The Optima information is accessible anywhere and while managers can issue smart reports from Optima, owners and sales people receive it daily by email snapshot reports and can view it online on their smartphones. This way the information is shared between all people involved and owners can keep their fingers on the performance of the hotel independently, without having to trust others to push the information to them”.

“At the same time, it is vital that the hotel management software will be easy to use for the unexperienced hotel staff and daily tasks, such entering reservations, check-ins and check-outs, must be done in the easiest possible way, allowing the reception team the time to focus on their guests rather than on the computer. By the end of the day the guests are the most valuable assets of the hotel and have to be served as guests and not as annoyance” said David Boker. “Optima represents the latest in advanced technology, featuring the best of Israeli Hi-Tech. As a company neighboring some of the world’s leading development centers, such Microsoft, Google, Intel and others, Silverbyte employs first class engineers, working hard to make the latest technology available to any hotel in Myanmar at affordable prices”.

Mr. Franz von Merhart, representing West Indochina Hotel Management and Property Development in Myanmar, spoke about the courtesy of the Myanmar people, who have the hospitality concept curved in their DNA and only lack the technology to convert their natural welcoming characteristic into effective hotel management. “It is not just technology, but a way to build a strong, loyal team that will develop together with the hotel and stay for a long time”, said Franz von Merhart.

Hoteliers that showed interest in Optima have met Mr. Boker separately during his visit to Myanmar. “I believe that Myanmar has unique advantages to the foreign tourists” said David Boker “it is a growing destination for both business and pleasure and the mixture of tourists, as well and the number will change. Hotels that will be ready for this change will benefit from it, hotels that will rest assure of their current occupancies will have to struggle hard to survive. The combination of advanced technology, high hospitality standards and online connections to international sales channels will make the difference for the ones who will use Optima”.


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