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February 2005.  

Silverbyte Systems Introduces Optima Mobile

Haifa, Israel - February 20, 2005 - Silverbyte Systems announced today that it has completed the pilot of the Optima Mobile Product Line for Mobile Phones and PDA.

The Optima Mobile Product Line includes features built for sales people and managers and is available on any mobile PDA or cellular phone supporting graphical user interface with 65,000 color TFT LCD Screen.

The Optima CellPhone product enables the user to view on line availability of the hotel for any day and drill down to occupancy structure. This allows the sales person to make immediate decisions based on actual availability and real time information.

The Optima PDA features, above the real time availability and occupancy structure, ability of making new on line reservations for individuals and groups, issue proposals for groups and send them by email or fax and view the hotel or group’s income and forecasts.

The new Optima Mobile, based on Optima Web Interactive Reservations System version 2 tools (Optima online booking system), is available for individual hotels and hotel groups and will be sold to Optima users starting March 2005*.



* Optima mobile is available to hotels running Optima PMS version 9 and hotel groups running Optima OCRO/OCRS version 9.

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