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Optima Cruise software package for cruise ships

"The best cruise software I have ever seen" Chief Purser of the Dream Princess, July 2005.  

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See: Silverbyte Systems reached 100% penetration of the cruise ship software market in Israel.

The Optima Cruise is a software package dealing with all the needs of a cruise ships starting with receiving manifests from the reservations office, managing passengers' cabins, charging and crediting passengers folios, managing the ships outlets and restaurants, tracking passenger embarkment, managing the shore excursions sales and managing a full back office accounting, stocks and purchasing system.

The cruise software package consists on two major parts – Front Office software package and Back office software package, each divided into modules.

  Cruise ship Front Office system:

  • Optima Ship – Front Office Accounting software

    • Optima Easy-POS – Point of Sales

    • Optima Cruise Cards - for identifying passengers, on board credit card and for boarding

    • Optima Boarding – Passengers boarding tracking

    • Optima Shorex – Shore Excursions ticketing and scheduling software

    Self Service Kiosk - for Payments, checkouts and purchasing of shore excursions

     Cruise Ship Back Office system:

    • Stock and inventory
      Central purchasing (on shore)










  Optima Ship

Optima ship is a cruise software designed to meet the needs of a cruise ship including management of cabins on board, built on the technology and features of the Optima PMS. The system imports the passengers Manifest from the external central cruise reservations system, assigns passengers to cabins according to the allocations done on shore and opens an extra account for each passenger. Upon check in it is possible to join a few accounts into one per family or party.

 Front Office Accounting

  • Receives manifests from the central reservation system.
  • assigns passengers to cabins according to the allocations done on shore.
  • Prints and encodes magnetic cards to passengers and crew.
  • Automatically opens folios for the cruise passengers per cruise.  
  • Opens permanent folios for crew including definition of discounts for POS charges.
  • Centralizes all charges from the points of sales.  
  • Allows transfer of charges between passengers' folios or between crew folios
  • Closes the accounts upon arrival to final destination.
  • Uses all the advantages of the financial module of Optima PMS.  
  • Prepares allowance and expenses sheet (or file) of crew for salaries.


Optima Easy POS (point of sales)

The Easy-POS is a basic, straightforward, uncomplicated point of sales system for standard hotel/cruise ships outlets:

  • Tables management or fast kiosk mode.
  • Transfers between tables, change waiter, split table.
  • Unlimited number of items.
  • Accepts various types of payment including cash, foreign currency, credit cards, room charges, staff charges, coupons and vouchers.
  • By parameter allows payment only with passenger cards (no cash on board)
  • Controls waiters, returns and discounts.
  • Z reading done centrally to the entire ship (PMS & POS)
  • Simple to set up, easy to use.  
  • Sales and stock interface to back office system (Optima Priority)
  • Available in various types of hardware


Optima Priority

  • Full back office accounting package.
  • Inventory and purchasing done on the ship.  
  • Full control on outlets' (bars) stocks.
  • Allows connection to central purchasing system on shore.


   Materials Management Functions at Sites

  • Item catalog
  • Inventory management.
  • Requisition system.
  • P/O follow up information.
  • Receiving materials.

    Centralized Purchasing Operating Functions

  • Requisition summarization.
  • Issuance of P/O to suppliers.
  • P/O follow up.
  • Invoice Acceptance.
  • Payment.
  • Return materials.
  • Suppliers’ performance measurement.

    Supplier selection management.

  • Suppliers catalog.
  • Forecast For item, RFQ’S, Quotations.
  • Blanket agreements (Supplier’s pricing, terms).
  • Supplier’s priority per Item management.
  • Supplier’s ranking.


Optima passenger Cruise-Cards

Cruise cards contain the passenger’s photo and main passport information. Internal information is coded on magnetic stripe media.

The Optima Cruise Card achieves some meaningful goals:

  • Serves as an internal credit card on board the ship with positive ID (photo).
  • Stimulates and boosts sales on ship as there’s no need to pay cash.
  • Serves as an ID in foreign harbors (passport information and photo).
  • Registers and controls passengers when embarking and boarding ship (fingerprint identification also available).
  • Remains as a souvenir to the passenger.

Cruise Card





 Optima Shorex - Shore Excursion software

Optima Shorex is a program for shore excursions ticketing and scheduling passengers to busses. The ticket includes the bus number or name and the language of the tour. Shorex issues passengers list to    each and every bus of the excursion.

    Tickets can be paid with any method of payment or by charging the passenger folio.

From 2010 Optima Shorex is also available as self service kiosk for the use of the passengers.

 Optima Ship highlights

Main Features

  • Passenger/Crew billing and Invoicing for Cashless Environment
  • Full Passenger handling functionality
  • Fully Automated Check-In with Picture Taking for Passengers, Crew & Visitors
  • Integrated POS
  • Integrated Shore Excursions sales and ticketing
  • Integrated boarding registration system
  • Reporting based on single day, single cruise or date range basis including past cruises
  • No downtime during back-up, night process (daily Z reading) and close-out
  • Automated Gratuity Handling in PMS and POS
  • Integrated Currency Exchange Module
  • Purser's Cashbook Module
  • Automatic consolidation of all cash books in use
  • Full front office accounting functionality
  • Full back office ERP includes accounting stocks, purchasing etc.

 Quick Check-In

  • Pre printed Passengers cards designed specifically for each ship.
  • Credit card registration on check in (valid also for check out)
  • Full control on Cabin occupancy and allocation (including Out of Order)
  • Passengers details scanned quickly from passport (3 seconds per passport)
  • Passengers pictures scanned quickly from passport (8 seconds per passport) and can be printed on passengers cards
  • Passenger pictures are stored in the database and are displayed on screen when passing through gangway


Multiple Invoicing

  • Multiple invoices for every passenger and crew member
  • Quick routing of family charges into one main folio per family
  • Automatic check-out of passengers who swiped credit card upon check in
  • Quick balancing & invoice printing function for various payment methods
  • Customized invoice layout
  • Express Check Out Kiosk solution available for self service check out or bill viewing

Crew Administration

  • Automated crew discount handling
  • Crew invoicing module based on the passenger billing system
  • Standard crew reports included
  • Disembarked crew tracking (on line)
  • Customized crew card design with viewable picture

Integrated POS

  • Optima Easy-POS Point Of Sale system is fully integrated with Optima Ship
  • Use same relational database
  • Has same recognizable user interface
  • No interface between systems
  • Detailed P.O.S bill imaging available in Optima Ship

Integrated Shore Excursion ticketing and sales system

  • Optima Shorex system is fully integrated with Optima Ship
  • Use same relational database
  • Has same recognizable user interface
  • No interface between systems
  • Detailed bill imaging available in Optima Ship

 Integrated Gangway Security and tracking System

  • Optima Boarding is fully integrated with Optima Ship
  • Passengers’ status shown in Optima Ship on line
  • Use same relational database
  • Has same recognizable user interface
  • No interface between systems  
  • Support fingerprint identification of passengers

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