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Optima Anywhere - Mobile apps for Hotel Management

(See also Optima Mobile Booking Engine)

The Optima Anywhere is a suite of smartphones applications with features built for hotel managers, revenue managers, sales people and managers and is available on any Smartphone. It is part of the complete Optima Hotel Management Software solution for hotels and hotel groups.

Optima Hotel Manager Anywhere enables the user to view on line availability of the hotel (or hotels) for any day including percentage of occupancy, average rate, yield level, restrictions, remarks and pickup of the last 3 days. Optima Anywhere allows the sales people to make immediate decisions based on actual availability and real time information without the need to call the hotel for updated information. Optima Anywhere also allows the revenue manager to change the current Yield Level of the hotel. Such action will update all the prices at the hotel to meet the selected new level and automatically update all external sales channels connected to Optima..

Optima Anywhere product line includes applications for guests service center, Reception Anywhere for check in and check out on the go and others.

  *Optima mobile is available to hotels running Optima PMS version 11 and hotel groups running Optima OCRO/OCRS

See also Optima Mobile Booking Engine

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