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March 2008


Optima Hotel Management Software 1998 - 2008: Celebrating 10 years of Windows based PMS

Haifa, Israel. March 1, 2008 - Silverbyte Systems celebrated Optima’s tenth birthday this week.

Optima was one of the first Windows based Hotel Management Systems introduced to the market. It was designed to run on the innovative Windows 95 operating system using a combination of mouse and keyboard, which was revolutionary for the conservative hospitality industry of the 90’s.

After two years pregnancy including one year on the drawing table and another year of development, Optima was installed at the luxurious Carlton Hotel in Tel Aviv. “The patience and cooperation we received from the staff of the Carlton Hotel, especially the front office department, were crucial to the success of our first installation” said David Boker, Optima Product Line Manager in 1998. “The implementation was far from being smooth and the developers worked round the clock in the hotel for over a week to fine tune the system. There was hardly any report in the system. If you look at Optima PMS today you will not believe how much it grew inten years. This was the basic system that today brings the best out of any group or property”.

One solution, one database, one supplier.

Development has never stopped since 1998. The latest version of Optima released last year took over a year to develop. It was customized to the look and feel of Windows XP and Vista, with fresh colors and buttons. New features are constantly developed and new modules are built to enhance the Optima Line software package. Throughout the years Silverbyte added to the Optima Line new modules such as POS, Events and Banqueting, Guest Service Center, Spa management and scheduling and other peripheral modules. Optima has become one of the leading solution for hotel groups pioneering ASP solutions in 1999 with the idea of one solution, one database, one supplier for all applications for hotel groups.
The latest developments in the Optima Line deal with on line booking engines connected on line to the hotels’ web sites (including web site content management system and web marketing tools developed by SilverTravel) and connections to the GDS and IDS such Expedia, and others.

The same people still run the show

“Our history speaks for itself” said Avi Moscona, President of Silverbyte Systems. “The original team that developed the first version of Optima is still running the show here. Silverbyte was there before Optima with two generations of DOS based systems for hotels. The company has grown immensely together with the number of customers and the number of new applications that make the Optima Line what it is. The capabilities and qualifications of Optima make it the best hotel management system ever and we have proved it to many hotel managers and owners round the world”.

Looking to the future, Silverbyte intends to continue developing innovative, functional, reliable, flexible, effective and easy-to-use hotel management systems for all kinds of hotels and groups.

About Optima Hotel Management Software

Optima product line includes management systems for all types of hotel operations such as; Property Management System (PMS), Central Reservations System (CRS), Point of Sale management (POS), Spa Scheduling and Management, Guest Services and Events scheduling as well as on-line real time booking engine from the hotel’s web site and interfaces to external distribution and booking systems such Synxis, TravelCLICK, Expedia, and others.
All Optima line applications are integrated, using a single image open database, allowing full access to data across all modules and all hotel departments. Whether it is Reception or Banqueting, Spa or Accounts receivable, all modules read from the same database. And in addition all modules have the same recognizable user interface allowing staff to easily switch between applications. The Optima line virtually obviates the need for expensive, third party 'add on' programs that can never provide the seamless integration of single source applications.

The Optima line is managing such leading hotels and groups in Europe, Africa and the Middle East as the Le Meridien, Sheraton, Holiday Inn, Leonardo Hotels, Accor – Mercure, Premier International Hotels & Resorts, Paradise Hotels, Don Suite Hotels and many others as well as in various cruise ships.


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