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Optima POS - Point of Sales for hotel outlets  

Optima POS is an advanced computerized point of sales system for restaurants, coffee shops, fast food counters, pubs and other Hotel outlets. POS produces a full solution for all managerial needs such as cash register management, printing job orders to the different food preparation sites (kitchens), price management and price equivalents. This is done in a friendly and easy manner with full combination with all other systems of the Optima Line. 

Options for additional connections: Cash drawer, touch screen, magnetic cards reader + connection to credit cards center, multi stations, interface to financial and inventory back office, export of information to Microsoft Office tools. 

Optima hotel POS  

Table Service Outlet (TSO) for restaurants and other table management outlets. Quick Service Outlet (QSO) for fast food counters management. Remote printers printing of orders and "Fire" orders. Acceptance of cash, cheques, credit cards, foreign currencies and other methods of payment. Unlimited number of items with unlimited number of prices including Happy Hour. Zero charge for “All Inclusive” guests on specific pre-defined items. Happy Hour defined to each POS separately. Cashiers control - Sales, returns, reductions, credits, X reading, float control and trial balance. POS control - Cashiers list, sales, returns, reductions, credits, X reading, float control and trial balance. Business control - POS reports to each station separately as profit centers. Enterprise control - Business reports, cash flows and cashiers in all the levels. Enterprise Z reading done directly from the PMS during night process. Connection to Optima Priority or any other back office system including sales, payment, and suppliers financial information.

The Optima point of sales is part of the Optima hotel management system.

(Optima POS is accredited by the Philippines BIR. It is a BIR accredited POS. )

Download Optima Brochure here

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