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April 2003.

Premier International Hotels and Resorts has announced the introduction of a new, advanced central reservations system – Optima CRS – as part of a complete changeover of its hotel management systems project.

The implementation of the Optima Line of hotel management software allows the Premier Hotels greater operational efficiencies, better daily control on all operation aspects and higher levels of guest service.

The South African Premier International Hotels and Resorts Group aquired from Silverbyte Systems software applications and implementation for its hotels including PMS, POS, interfaces and a central reservations system, connected to GDS and the Internet.

 The Premier Hotels’ CRS is connected directly and on-line to the group’s web site using WIRS and will be connected to all major GDS systems and the large Internet booking systems via Pegasus. This is a unique solution that will enable Premier Hotels to save money on GDS bookings by reducing the cost per booking and reducing the amount of people dealing with the bookings, as everything will be done automatically.

 The Project

  The project of computerizing Premier Hotels is based on Silverbyte’s       technology, products and know-how and will be done in three stages:

  • Computerize the hotels fully owned and managed by the group on central server farm (Optima PMS and Multi-PMS, Optima Easy-POS, Optima Events and Interfaces to peripheral equipment).
  • Establishing a Central Reservations Office for all the hotels.
  • Interfacing the CRS to Pegasus and implementation of WIRS.


  1. Optima CRS Features:
  • FIT & Group reservations
  • Complete chain guest profile records
  • Frequent flyer/ loyalty club
  • Allocation to tour operators
  • Prices to customers
  • Interfaces to GDS level A & B
  • Interfaces to Internet booking engines
  • Direct Internet booking
  • Ability to handle and store hundred of thousands of reservations
  • CRS forms to customers and hotels – customized to the CRS requests and needs
  • Single image inventory control (with on line hotels)
  • Interface to large tour operators 
  • Internet/web access to off-line hotels to view and update information




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