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Silverbyte’s software product line, The Optima Line of Hotel management Software, includes front office management systems for all types of hotel operations.  Silverbyte offers its customers an integrated, comprehensive line of solutions for other aspects of hotel operations such as; Central Reservations System (CRS), CRM, Point of Sale management, Spa Scheduling and Management, Guest Service Centre and Events scheduling as well as on-line real time booking engine from the hotel’s web site and interfaces to external distribution and booking systems such SynXis, Expedia,,, HRS, Orbitz, hotelbeds and many other sale channels.

Seamless integration of these products with the front and back office management systems provides the hotel and hotel chain organization a comprehensive enterprise wide solution.

The Optima line was one of the first Windows based Hotel Management Systems introduced to the market. It is more than just another PMS system, but a computerized E.R.P solution that will guarantee improvements to marketing, guest service and satisfaction, occupancy, average room rates, staff productivity and satisfaction, control procedures and real time management decision making.

All Optima line applications are integrated, using a single image open database, allowing full access to data across all modules and all hotel departments. Whether it is Reception or Banqueting, Spa or Accounts receivable, all modules read from the same database. And in addition all modules have the same recognizable user interface allowing staff to easily switch between applications. The Optima line virtually obviates the need for expensive, third party 'add on' programs that can never provide the seamless integration of single source applications.

All this at extremely affordable prices.

Here are some examples of unique modules of the Optima Line:

  1. Internal Electronic Fax Module
  2. Multi PMS (for hotel chains)
  3. Oscar – Guest Service Center
  4. Complete integrated CRM for hotels
  5. Internal Catering and Events module
  6. Integrated Spa program
  7. Integrated Mass Mail Sender
  8. Integrated Accounts Receivable.
  9. Go Green Solutions

There are hundreds of other unique features in the Optima Line that you will not find in any other similar application. Each one of them was developed with awareness of the needs of the hotel staff, management and owners.

The set of hotel management applications is fully modular and scalable.  Our client hotels receive tailor-made packages and subscription services according to their exact needs and specific preferences at any given time.  Silverbyte ASP client hotels are able to control more precisely the total cost of technology ownership through scheduled payment schemes. 

Leading in the  E-Commerce environment

Following the rapid expansion of Silverbyte capabilities, growing demand from the company user base and the technological development in the computer and Internet industry, Silverbyte has developed a pioneering B2B and C2B tool.  This tool creates a dynamic and refreshing selling environment on the Web that tracks more surfers to the hotel’s web site and increases the conversion rates of actual bookings made from the web site.
Optima research and development centre is focused on increasing customer profit and cutting costs.  We are not implementing new technology just because it’s new, however we use the latest technology to build the best applications that meet the new needs and demands of our customers and will help them make more money. Our customers will confirm that we have been very good at it over the years. 
The Optima Line is designed so that you can configure it to operate the way your hotel is managed.  Many of our customers have unique features that we added specially by their request. Most of these features have “Flags,” so that the feature is only active when needed.

CRM, Guest Profile and History

The Optima PMS includes guest profile that is shared between the entire Optima Line applications and stores every reservation, folio, Spa folder, event booking and transaction forever.  When a repeat guest makes a new reservation (or event or spa treatment booking), the information from his profile is displayed and automatically loaded into the new reservation.  An internal Guest Loyalty Module is also available. The guest profile information is kept separate from reservation history, so when a guest stays at the hotel a few times, Optima stores only one guest profile record, with the entire reservation records linked to it. All the information is stored in Optima database and accessible by all Optima modules. When Optima CRM is used this information is used for marketing, sales force administration and sales activities. See Optima CRM description for more information.

Optima provides a complete list of guest preferences for repeat guests including room types (and even a specific preferred room number), room features, special services, special rates etc.  For example, when a repeat guest calls, the reservations clerk can quickly determine what room type is preferred and any special requests for bed arrangement, non-smoking rooms, etc. This allows the reservations clerk to personalize the reservation process and to make sure the guest always finds his favorable features in the room.

The same option is available for travel agents and companies contracts. Optima will make sure the company guest will find all the amenities guaranteed to the company in his room no matter how and when the booking was done.

Immediate guest profile access during the reservation also allows warnings when unwanted guest tries to book a room. If the guest was marked as “Black List” the sales clerk will immediately see a red warning. This way unwanted guests are quickly identified and stopped prior to confirming a new reservation.


Optima is a world leading Hotel, resort and hospitality management software that performs all the essential operational, financial and organizational functions for hotels, motels, resorts and any other forms of lodging. Optima Hotel property management systems has strong reporting capabilities including statistical, forecasting and BI reports, as well as the complete business functionality combined with online real time internet and sales channels bookings. Optima hotel management system can be customized specifically for the requirement of each country and hotel group to simplify and speed up its management and accounting processes while giving the best service to the hotel's guests and increasing the hotel's revenues and online bookings.

Optima Hotel Management System is fully integrated with Microsoft Excel and is available on different platforms from Windows PC to tables, iPads and smartphones. 

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