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October, 2006


Renaissance Jerusalem Hotel upgrades to Optima Hotel Management System

Renaissance Jerusalem Hotel, member of the international Marriott hotels, upgrades its hotel management system to Silverbyte Systems’ Optima Line.

The Renaissance Hotel is one of Silverbyte Systems’ older customers. It has been running Silverbyte’s DOS based applications for over a decade. The management of the hotel decided this year that it is time to upgrade its entire computer system to meet the new requirement and needs of the hospitality industry and adopt new and advanced working procedures expected from such luxury hotel.

The Renaissance Hotel management decided, that although it is satisfied with the current products and the daily support given by Silverbyte’s support center and regardless of its natural tendency to continue using Silverbyte’s products, it should examine all the alternatives available for hotel management software as such decision will affect the entire hotel operations for the next generation. Mr. Harvey M. Douglen, the Owner’s Representative, lead a committee with the target to deeply inspect all the options available and all the hotel management software offered in Israel, considering the hotel’s unique requirements and needs in consideration with Marriott international standards. After a long process of evaluating many different hotel management software the committee decided that the Optima Line would be their next generation Hotel management Software.

The implementation of the Optima Line at the Renaissance Hotel took a few weeks and involved some special developments done specifically to the requirements of the hotel, mainly ones that help the hotel serve the religious Jewish guests on Saturdays and holidays, when most of the regular daily activities are suspended due to religious reasons.

The Renaissance Jerusalem Hotel is a 650 rooms deluxe hotel located near the Israel Museum, Bible Museum, Israel Parliament and other places of interest in Jerusalem. The hotel offers a selection of fine restaurants serving glatt kosher food, a health club with large indoor heated pool plus large landscaped outdoor pool, luxurious guest rooms and suites, meeting rooms and accoutrements of a world class establishment likely to exceed expectations.

Renaissance Jerusalem

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