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"Fattal Hotels enjoys a long, productive and positive working relationship with Silverbyte Systems at all other properties throughout the country, and we are making this investment in technology with confidence,". ( Find out more )  

Mr. David Fattal,
President of the Fattal Hotels

“We look at Silverbyte as our partners.Silverbyte has managed to answer every need and idea that we come up with and help us promote to the highest technological levels that most of our competitors cannot even dream of. Silverbyte certainly sees our success as their own, their training and ongoing support is excellent and gives our staff a comfortable and encouraging feeling that we are in good hands”. (Find out more )

Mr. Daniel Roger,
General Manager, Leonardo Hotels.

“Silverbyte put the advantage of both programs together and finds solutions for every problem at daily work. For every problem we had they found a solution.
It is a pleasure to work with Silverbyte Optima in our hotel and it is a good investment for every hotel.” (Read More)

Sebastian Horn
Mercure Airport Hotel Hamburg

"In keeping pace with global changes Dan Hotels has invested significantly in improving many areas over the past two years including advanced technology capabilities like those offered by Silverbyte Systems". (Read More)

Joseph Gabay
CIO - Dan Hotels

"Optima advantages contribute decisively to our daily struggle in the online competitive market. Optima gives me full control in all aspects of the hotels and an answer to any necessity in the incredibly aggressive market of Prague. I have nothing but appreciation to the wonderful Silverbyte team that have managed to overcome all the difficulties involved in implementation of the Optima in a new country and giving me solutions to any request". (Read More)

David Bernas
General Manager -
Vitkov and Florenc hotels - Prague

" We finally get to spend more time entertaining our guest and selling our products. Needless to say the Front Office Department gives the program two thumbs up and this is just from the first week. .” (Read More)

Allyson Maffei
Front Office Manageress -Monaco Suites de Boracay

Success Stories

Silverbyte at a glance

Silverbyte Ltd. is a leading supplier of hotel management software solutions to the hotel and hospitality industry since 1990, with hundreds of installations in Europe, Africa, Asia, USA and a commanding 75% of the hotel Market in Israel.
The Optima Line of Hotel Management Software, is the best hotel management software solution in the market considering the volume, width and depth of the solution.  Optima  is installed in leading hotels and hotel groups as the Dan Hotels. Leonardo Hotels, Fatal Hotels, Crowne Plaza Hotels, Holiday Inn, Accor – Mercure, Premier Hotels and Resorts, Paradise Hotels, The Prima Hotels, David Citagel, American Colony, as well as in Mano Maritime and other cruise ships (see Selected Customers List).

The company’s Silverbyte Application Service Provider (ASP) for the Hotel and Hospitality Industry was introduced in 1998 and is installed in dozens of hotel groups around the world from 2 to 80 hotels. Silverbyte is pioneering the cloud based business and technology platform and keeps refreshing its products using the latest technology.

Silverbyte’s premium applications are designed to meet the growing needs of first class hotels. Based on the latest in advanced technology the Optima Product Line gives a hotel all the features and functions to provide top notch Guest services expected by a sophisticated hotel while keeping the daily work simple and swift. It allows the hotel’s staff to use progressive tools to give better, more personal and efficient service to guests. It gives Management at all levels in all areas dynamic and accurate information and statistics to make informed decisions

Strength of the Company - Silverbyte has a high level and strong commitment to support and service. Silverbyte is committed to support its customers and keep developing and promoting its systems. With hundreds of hotels running Optima in three continents, Silverbyte has developed top notch support methodologies.

Industry Focus & Reputation - Silverbyte is completely focused on the Hotel hospitality industry and all its products are designed exclusively for this Market. It has an enviable reputation for quality support and care..

Quality Support Services - Silverbyte is known to provide high-quality products and services and strives to maintain its leading edge solutions and services. High standards of support are required from any of the company’s dealers and representatives overseas and the international department is checking hotels’ satisfactory from the service regularly (see Support).

Top Quality Experts - Silverbyte’s Management and staff comprise technical experts in engineering and programming as well as business, industry, organizations and hotel experts with extensive experience. The company’s departments are built with combined mixtures of experts.

Silverbyte is positioning itself as a global leader of hotel technology . The Optima Software Package enables a complete end-to-end management solution for the hotel group or individual hotel that includes all the in-house operations and management solutions and tools as well as on-line real time connection to the hotel home web site and external distribution and booking systems.

Experience and expertise

Silverbyte Ltd. is a leading supplier of software solutions to the hotel and hospitality industry. The Company's 20 years of dedicated hotel management systems experience combined with capital growth re-investments, has resulted in continuous product improvements incorporating leading edge tools and technologies.  The quality of Silverbyte's products and services, coupled with years of combined managerial experience in software development, project management and hotel operations, have contributed to the gradual expansion of Silverbyte's user-base and line of business.


Ongoing R&D Philosophy

Silverbyte’s philosophy is that although all hotels are the same, each hotel and hotel chain is managed and operated differently. We believe that it is not the customer who should adopt himself to the system but the system should adopt itself to the customer needs. This is why the Optima Hotel Management Software Line is not sold as an “Off the shelf” products but as an integrated system that can be customized to the customer needs. There are numerous parameters in the system that help the hotel and chain implement their own management concepts into the system.

New and improved versions are released every once in a while. The development department is using advanced development tools and strict standards of analysis and programming resources. Modifications to the system are being done constantly to meet requirements of our customers that are currently not in the system. Each optima application has only one international version that is updated, upgraded and tested constantly, so when a new feature is added to meet a request of one customer, eventually everyone benefits from it.

Above this Silverbyte develops for and together with its key customers new designated software that allow them to lead the market and use the latest technology to overcome their competition.

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