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Software support

Silverbyte Support Team is here to ensure optimum system performance and optimum use of your system resources. Silverbyte experts will help you implement the system and customize it to your own specific needs. They will continue with help-desk supports, online monitoring, remote maintenance, and on-site assistance. And Silverbyte will smooth your path to the future by helping you spot bottlenecks, plan resources, and migrate to new releases and technologies.

The responsibility of the support to the hotel, after the installation, training and production is usually transferred to the support centre. The local support center is the one, who keeps the daily contact with the hotel, answers questions, and solves all the problems the hotel may have with Optima.

Contact details:

Phone:       +972-4-8 812 812
Fax:            +972-4-8 812 800*
Int'l supp:


Optima Support Centre :

Optima Support Centre is the pride of Silverbyte. Many of the support agents are hoteliers with extensive experience in using the various Optima Line programs. These agents know what it means to stand in front of a guest and know what it takes to run Optima professionally and efficiently.  Optima Support Agents are accessible by phone, fax, email and by the support centre web site Optima Support Agents will answer any of your questions, work with you through any problem that you face with Optima and find the best solution for any of your needs.

Silverbyte International Support Center is supporting directly hundreds of hotels in 25 countries around the globe from the Philippines in the East to the USA in the West. The support is given by phone, fax and email, while accessing the hotel information is done over the Internet using standard remote access tools to the hotel’s server or even the user’s PC. From the comfort of the office and with no delays of traffic, Silverbyte support agents can connect and work on any hotel’s server as if they were present at the hotel and connect to the user’s PC as if they were standing right next to him.

The Optima Support Centre, stationed together with the Optima Development Center, employs a combination of hoteliers, system analyzers, product specialists, technicians and developers – all of them are ready to serve our customers at any time.
Emergencies and urgent issues are solved 24 hours a day 7 days a week by our duty support agents.

Silverbyte is running advanced monitoring systems to analyze customer calls and requests from all its customers. Centralizing the information of issues reported by all the customer hotels allow Silverbyte to follow up and correct issues that were reported by hotels from different sides of the world, but refer to the same process in the programs. Recurrent issues are noticed and treated whether they were reported by hotels in Haifa, Cape Town, Miami, Berlin or anywhere else. Such issues are distributed to all support agents and are resolved either immediately or to the next Optima version, depending on their urgency.

Silverbyte International Support Center


Installation, Implementation and Training


The experienced implementation team will customize the system parameters in order to reach maximum correspondence between the capability of Silverbyte’s solutions and the needs of the organization, based on their wide experience in implementing computerized systems in hospitality organizations.


The implementation methodology includes:
· Analyzing and characterizing the organization procedures and needs
· Consulting and giving applicative solution to the various subjects
· Analyzing and customizing different interfaces to peripheral equipment  
· Setting up the hotel and chain information in the system
· Training key users and end users

The implementation team includes people with various backgrounds either technical or operational and includes many hoteliers who have hotel management experience and know the hospitality industry inside out.

Silverbyte offers training courses that can get your project team up and running quickly and cost effectively. We provide a comprehensive standard curriculum, and our education experts can even work with you to build training plans and courses -- custom-made to fit your specific education requirements.
Silverbyte designs training programs that cover all application, functional, and technical areas related to Silverbyte solutions. We can also modify existing courses to suit your specific project. Plus, we can host the training at office, or, if you have the required infrastructure, we can deliver the training at your site.
Let us create a course specifically for your team. Give us the topic, the location, the date, and the time. We'll handle the rest. Please contact us for details

Silverbyte training courses include three levels tailored for the needs of different users -- and to students' increasing competence as they progress through the training sequence. For maximum flexibility, the Silverbyte curriculum is modular and can be adapted to meet unique training needs.
For detailed information about Silverbyte education courses and curriculum paths, contact the support center. 


Definition of support levels:

Generally the support is divided into three levels:
Level A support
– Answers for the operational questions through E-mail and telephone during the normal office hours.
Level B support – Software problems, which require a support expert’s access through the Internet or modem during office hours.
Level B special support – The same as above after office hours.
Level C support – Malfunctions, which cause the system to stop or any case which require on site support.

Preventive care – Software version control, database validation, data integrity check (recommended at least once a year).

Definition of failure types:
- Critical Failure – a failure concerning a problem that effects the hotel operations severely or stopped the work completely in the hotel.
- Significant Failure – a failure concerning a problem that disturbs the work at the front desk that needs to be solved during the same day.
- Standard Failure – a question or a report about a problem that does not significantly affects the regular work at the hotel.
- Interface Failure – a failure in the connection between external systems to the Optima, usually concerning the interface station (PMSi, CIM).

Methods of communication

SupportIn order to allow easy access to the hotels every hotel must have remote access program installed on the server and the interface station with a dedicated direct Internet access. The server and Interface station will always be waiting for connection for immediate support with no delays, both to the local support center and to Silverbyte Support Center, depending on the connecting user. 

Versions and Updates

SupportSilverbyte issues periodic patches, updates or upgrades to the Optima line of hotel management software that enhance functionality or otherwise improve the System. The following terms have the associated meanings set forth herein. 
(1) A "Patch" means minor modifications to the Licensed Product made by Silverbyte during the performance of error correction supports. A Patch does not constitute a Version. 
(2) An "Update" means a new release of the Licensed Product which may contain error corrections, minor enhancements, and, in certain circumstances, major enhancements, and which is indicated by a change in the digit to right of the decimal point in the version number of the Licensed Product. 
(3) An "Upgrade" means a new release of the Licensed Product which involves the addition of substantial or substantially enhanced functionality and which is indicated by a change in the digit to the left of the decimal point in the version of the Licensed Product. 
(4) A "Version" means the Licensed Product identified by any single version number. Each Update and Upgrade causes a change in Version. 
Patches usually do not require changes in the client's database and can be installed easily. Updates may require changes to client database structure in order to take advantage of the new features and/or capabilities and continue to have access to the System. Upgrades usually require larger changes to client database structure and to other applications in order to take advantage of the new features and/or capabilities and continue to have access to the System. 
Letter to the customers will announce new versions of the Software. Announcement of a new version will include new functions and improvements in the Software as well as the price of the Upgrade.