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April 2011

Premier International Hotels and Resorts have upgraded their Sybase MobiLink Synchronization methods and Optima Hotel Management Software applications

The combination of the new, version 11.50, CRS with the latest Sybase 12 MobiLink allows Premier central reservations team better control and functionality, faster synchronization and exchange of data between the CRS and the hotels’ Optima PMS.
The Synchronization technology installed by Silverbyte at Premier Hotels is a unique way to overcome network and communications problems between Premier Hotels head office and the hotels located in various cities across South Africa. National Internet connection in South Africa is still unstable and sometimes too slow. For this reason the group cannot use Optima Multi PMS, which is commonly used by hotel groups in Europe.
Premier International Hotels and Resorts is managed using Optima Hotel Management Software tools since 2003, including Optima CRS, Optima PMS, Optima POS, Optima A/R and interfaces to peripheral devices. The upgrade allows the group to implement Optima next generation applications as well as to connect directly to GDS and IDS and enhance their control on all booking channels.

"Connecting together a wide variety of Hotels, Resorts and a Game Reserve in South Africa into a manageable-controllable group is challenging due to instability of communications" Says Dvir Geva, IT Manager of Premier hotels, "Silverbyte has seen this challenge and tailored a stable, robust and scalable solution to our needs and unique conditions, placing every piece of information at the right place and time for the right decision to be made."


About Sybase MobiLink
MobiLink is a session-based synchronization technology for exchanging data among relational databases and other non-relational data sources. Customers use MobiLink to synchronize tens of thousands of users with a single enterprise system, yet the server’s compact size and the simplicity of its deployment means it can operate in remote sites and a few user scenarios.
Advanced synchronization logic ensures the transactional integrity of the databases in the event a network connection is lost, and offers sophisticated strategies for the resolution of data change conflicts. MobiLink’s synchronization capabilities include:

- Bi-directional database synchronization
- Synchronize over TCP/IP, HTTP, HTTPS, Palm Hotsync, ActiveSync
- Subset data by rows and columns
- Push-based notification
- Advanced conflict detection
- Priority-based synchronization
- Data encryption


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