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The Optima YHMS is a system specially designed to centrally manage Youth Hostels Associations. The system uses one single central database that serves the activities of the whole associations. Technically, it is a multi-tier application running from a central server. Users are using thin clients, connected to the center using phone lines or the Internet and will never need technical support and maintenance (zero client administration).

The system was originally designed to deal with the complexity of Youth Hostels Associations and is not a modified hotel system.

All administrative functions and application system data has been designed to be kept centrally and unique for the entire organization:

· Product and services catalog

· Guest Profiles and Customers details

· Pricing and Contracts

· Currencies and rates, countries, users etc.

The system handles Youth Hostels bed reservations and complex groups as well as standard hotel room reservation.

A complete Internet online interface allows direct bookings for both guests and agents.

Optima YHMS runs the Israeli Youth Hostels Association as well as many other hostels in Europe, Asia and Israel.


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