Keep in touch with your guests 

Keep your guests close and creating a targeted and personal marketing, is a key feature in order to increase guests’ satisfaction and to bring them back to the hotel.

Optima CRM – Customer Relationship Management software, will help you to collect important information about your guests and to manage the sales process better and smarter. When a guest making reservation in your hotel, his personal info saves in Optima Data Base and transfer automatically to the CRM, so it will be useful in the future.

Every call to the reservation center will be easier and quicker with Optima CRM, as every representative is able to see past calls and reservations and to offer the most relevant offers to each guest. In addition, it’s possible to login to selected screens from Optima PMS from the CRM interface, such as the availability screen.

Even after check-out it’s important to keep in touch with the guests and to offer them special offers based on their saved information, their customers’ club and their past reservations.


Manage your guests’ data with Optima CRM

Data collection & smart marketing

Optima CRM will allow you to collect information about each guest and to send him personal targeted emails, according to different parameters. For example, you can target ads according to past reservations, special dates (birthdays and anniversaries) and more.

Improve reservations process

On every call to the reservations center, or in any guest’s call, you will be able to see all his history at your hotel or chain and to get 360° image on every guest. With this information it’s easy to improve the process, to give targeted offers and a personal service.

Automatic connection to Optima

Like all Optima modules, Optima CRM also connected directly and automatically to Optima PMS data base. There is no need to import data between the interfaces and on the CRM you can find key screens from Optima, to make the work process easier, smart and efficient.

Customers clubs

Customers club will allow you to keep your guests close and to give the unique feel. Optima CRM supports customers clubs and help you to manage it, giving special offers and benefits to members and to manage your clubs’ members list.

Easy solution to compenies

With Optima CRM it’s easy to manage the sales process to companies and agents. In the software you can send offers and see the past calls with the company and to track the reservation’s status.

CRM reports

Learning and improving yourself will help you to give better service and to increase your revenue. With the CRM reports, you will be able to analyze your guests’ preferences and to know who are your Target Audience.

Start managing your property smarter

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