Manage events and conferences in your Hotel

Managing events and conferences is a complicated task, especially when staff have to manage a Hotel at the same time. For that reason, our company developed Optima Event Manager add-on. The software allows you to manage events and conferences with full integration to the Hotel’s Optima PMS.

The Event Manager add-on is giving unique solution to manage events and all of the hotel departments in one software. The integration with Optima PMS has a lot of advantages, including manage all of the event’s finance in one place, synchronize Hotel activity with the event and personal customization of the event.

Event Manager

Manage your Hotel’s events with Optima Event manager

Manage Finances Easily

By using Optima Event Manager, all financial activity takes place at the same software, which guarantees easy work and less mistakes.

Synchronize Event to Hotel

Keep on the regular activity of your Hotel and give your guests great service, while events or conferences take place in your Hotel. The connection to Optima PMS will allow you to operate both activities at the same time and avoid inconveniences.

Manage all Events Elements

Events and conferences have a lot of aspects and with Optima Event Manager add-on, it’s easy to manage all of them and get live image on the different departments involving on the event.

Unique Development for Hotels

Hotels’ managers and events’ managers joined forces to help developing Optima Event Manager add-on, as they held deep and long research, to ensure the best solution for the Hotel’s unique needs.

Events Personal Customization

Optima Event Manager is fully custom to variety of events, beginning from family events to big business conferences. The managers can adjust the different events’ needs, such as room types, meal menus and more.

Function Sheets

Manage the different employees and departments, by sending them function sheets to ensure every department knows its part in the event production. all employees can track and know the progress of the event.

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Event Manager