March 2002
To Whom It May Concern:

 The Fattal hotel chain was chosen by the International hotel group ‘Le Meridien’ to be its representative in Israel. In addition to the Meridien Hotels, the Fattal chain also manages other luxury hotels in various geographical locations throughout Israel including: Grand Nirvana Dead Sea, Magic Palace and Magic Sunrise in Eilat.


 The Fattal chain had been using the Optima line of Hotel Management Software before the decision to centralize all the computer systems for the entire group and so the critical decision to use the Silverbyte corporate A.S.P. was a logical progression.

 By embracing the new technologies and systems offered by the Silverbyte company, the Fattal hotel chain has been able to completely reorganize its computerized system.

 All the main computers are situated in one location(the server farm) that provides computer services to all the hotels in the group. The hotels themselves either have new ‘thin client’ terminals or successfully utilize the old ‘PC’s that the hotels had previously purchased.  The chain does not have an in house I.T. department, relying solely on outsourcing for the running of the computer farm and on the Silverbyte Company for Software support. The saving in expensive I.T. personnel costs is obvious.

 The fact that all hotel databases are centrally located has allowed us to create a very efficient and successful central reservations system with minimum outlay. This innovative system provides us with the ability to see the occupancy of all the hotels at a glance and to immediately offer alternatives if the requested hotel is full. The introduction of the system resulted in an immediate improvement in hotel occupancies whilst allowing drastic reductions in reservation personnel in each of the hotels.

 Other manpower savings have been made in all administrative departments throughout the group. We have been able to identify many spheres where personnel duplication has been removed and include such areas such as purchasing, accounts and control.
 However, the impressive savings in manpower represent only part of the benefits that the Fattal Group of hotels has gained in its use of the Silverbyte System. The full use of the modern technology has provided the group’s management team the tools needed to radically change it practices and to business procedures and to greatly increase both productivity and guest satisfaction.

The Silverbyte Company has perfectly understood the needs of the modern hotel chain and has developed the exact solution for a chain such as ours.

Sincerely yours,

David Fattal
Managing Director