All guests’ requests and complains on one interface

Good service to your guests is the most important element in manage Hotel, for that reason we developed Optima Oscar, add-on which manage the guests’ requests and complains. With our Guests Service Management software, you will be able to track all the complains on-line.

Optima Oscar will help you to navigate each request and complain to the right department, to ensure the best treatment for each call. Hotel management can decide on a standard treatment time for each type of complain and when the representative will get incoming call a stopwatch will begin to measure the treatment time according to standards.

With the guests service management software, it’s possible to find return problems and to take care of them in advance.

Like every Optima feature, Optima Oscar also have full integration to Optima PMS.

Guests Service Management

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Manage Service Calls Live

Optima Oscar will assist you to see all the problems and requests on one screen, which will help you as management, to control and monitor the calls live. The software allows you to filter the calls, as you can watch only the open calls, the delayed treatments, the most urgent calls and so on. Hotel managers and departments managers can check the status anytime and ensure the best treatment to the guests.

Improve Guests Experience

In any business there are problems and complains, but quick and efficient treatment will make complained and angry customer to happy customer. Using guests service management software, you will be able to improve your guests’ sanctification. Hotel that started to work with the software enjoyed immediate improvement in the process and treatment time.

Find and Solve Repeated Problems

Analyzing your complains log will help you to find repeated problems in different rooms and areas in the Hotel. By improve maintenance in the problematic areas, you will be able to prevent future complains.

Improve Work Processes

By assigning each complain and request to the right department, it’s easy for you to go back and check the employees function, in order to improve their future work process. Improving work process will improve the level of service and will decrease guests’ complains.

Full Calls Documentation

With the guests service management software, all calls and complains will be stored in an archive. Good documentation will help you to follow up complains, analyzing Hotel’s function and more.

Staff Motivation

When all the staff members can see the complains treatments, it’s easier to increase motivation to work better and even to create healthy competition between the departments. You can easily evaluate employees function and even reward them for good job.

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Guests Service Management