All the Hotel’s POS under your Optima Software

Managing your Hotel was never easier, with Optima POS, which allows you to manage your Hotel’s Point of Sale. With Optima POS, you will be able to track and monitor your Hotel’s restaurants, Cafe, Bar, etc., and all under your Optima PMS.

Optima POS will connect all your Hotel’s Point of Sale under one interface and will give you full solution to manage cash registers, inventory management, products, rates, etc. Full synchronization of the Point of Sale to the guests’ bill is possible, thanks to the integration with your Optima PMS.

By connecting Optima POS to your Hotel’s Optima PMS, you will be able to monitor and analyze your guests’ behavior and improve the revenue from the different POS around the Hotel. Additionally, you will be able to improve your working process at all of your Points of Sale.

Point of Sale

Connect your Optima PMS to Optima POS

Connection to Optima PMS

By connecting all of your Points of Sale to your Optima PMS, you will be able to track and monitor your guests’ actions and purchases. The integration will allow you to create an image of each guest and analyze the revenue inside the Hotel’s facilities.

Tables Management

Optima POS have the option to manage all the tables in the Hotel’s Restaurants and Bars, including tables changing, tables split, etc. It’s also possible to manage Point of Sale without tables, such as Pool’s Cafe.

Monitoring Employees

Monitor and control the employees’ shifts, sales per employee, cash balance, printing work orders and more. Optima POS guarantee full control over the work process on all of your Hotel’s Points of Sale.

Easy and Intuitive Software

Connect your Optima POS to POS Anywhere, which will give you access to the software from a variety of Smartphones and Tablets. Optima POS is easy and intuitive software, for simple and full control over Point of Sale.

Full control and analysis over POS

By having one screen which control all of the POS in your Hotel, you will get live image of your Hotel’s different services. With this data you can analyze the success of each Point of Sale and improve its service and revenue.

Revenue Optimization

Managing your Point of Sale on Optima PMS, can help you to generate more income, by adding the POS bill to the guests’ Hotel bill.

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