To whom it may concern.

The Israel Land Development Company Hotel Division is a long-standing customer of Silverbyte. Silverbyte has computerized some of the company’s hotels many years ago and the hotels kept on upgrading the systems throughout the years to Silverbyte’s new and advanced systems.

Four years ago the group faced the need of replacing some of the old computerized systems in some of the hotels. We were looking for a solution that will push the group forward in all levels and still be efficient and economical. The advanced solution presented to us by Silverbyte that included variety of hotel management applications running on one central computer farm (ASP) and looked like a futuristic dream seemed as the best answer. I am pleased that this decision proved itself, promoted the hotels and the group and saved us a great deal of money.

Silverbyte proved its ability, knowledge and talent in establishing the group’s central servers farm. After the initial set up the installation of each hotel was quick and easy. The IT department that controls and maintains the servers farm and the hotels’ computers consists on one person.

The Optima PMS is running in our six hotel for over three years to our full satisfaction. The staff turnover is not noticed and the level of service to our guests is escalating all the time. The hotels’ managements are not dealing with computer problems as they did before and can now use all their energy to manage the hotels.

Silverbyte’s support center serves our staff outstandingly and every call is quickly answered. We are consulting Silverbyte’s support center both for operational hotel level and technical level. The technical support is done using Frame Relay lines connecting Silverbyte’s support center and our computer farm in Tel Aviv.

Sincerely Yours
Bruria Forester
It Manager
Rimonim Hotels and Resort