Simple, Elegant, Sophisticated and Profitable

Increasing guests satisfaction and improves the entire experience of your guests

Easy technology and data integration capabilities

Integrated channel manager

Improve performance reporting and business intelligence

Professional support and training team

Increase hotel occupancy, revenue and profitability

Its about time to benefit more from your property

 Increase your direct bookings, save costs on commisions

Allow your guests to benifit the best price by booking directly on your homesite using Optima Smart web booking engine.

 Easy centrelized distribution gains more revenue

Prices, inventory and restrictions distribution to OTAs had never been so simple. This simplicity extends to other tasks like room upgrades, payments, etc as well!

 Inbulid BI and various revenue management tools

Say goodbye to your gut feeling. Say hello to data drriven desicions and strtegy planing based on your actual production data

Entire range of solutions for managing the entire property as one unit

Optima PMS line of products provides a kit full of tools, allowing you to manage your property seamlessly and smoothly throughout all the hotel operations: Reservations, Spa, Sales, Customer service, Events, Customer relations, Food and Beverage and more.

Why Optima Line of Hotel Management Software?


Revenue Increase

We have observed and analyzed our customers’ revenue. Each and every new Optima customer had observed long term revenue growth.


Personalized Adaptation

We adapt the ultimate solution to your needs. Whether your property is a small hotel, part of a hotel chain, or an apartment/Guest house property, we can assure that you get the perfect software solution to manage your property.


25 Years of Experience

Our highly qualified support and development teams are available to provide you with the most suitable software solution and support you all the way. All our implementation and training teams are ex-hoteliers. We’ve been on the other side of the line, and we are ready to allow you to be focused on what really matters: your guests’ experience!

Optima Market – Optimize your software to your own needs