Who Are We?

Silverbyte Ltd. is a leading supplier of property management software (PMS) to the hotel and hospitality industry since 1992. Optima have hundreds of installations in Europe, Africa, Asia, USA and commanding 85% of the hotel Market in Israel.

We at Silverbyte are keeping it simple and elegant, orientating our developments to meet all changes and trends in the hospitality industry. Giving you the opportunity to transform your guest’s experience and level it up.

We believe in “doing it right from the first time” with the enormous knowledge the company obtains due to our highly qualified staff.
We focus all our efforts so that the Optima Solution gain profitability growth for our customers.
Silverbyte’s philosophy is that although all hotels are selling the same product, each hotel and hotel chain is managed and operated differently.

About Silverbyte

About Silverbyte

Introducing the Optima Property Management Software (PMS) solutions

Silverbyte LTD. Is glad to present the best property management software (PMS) solutions: the Optima Solution.

Optima, Hotel Management Software solution, is the best hotel management software solution in the market considering the volume, width, and depth of the solution. Optima is installed in leading hotels of the world, in hotel groups such as the Dan Hotels, Leonardo Hotels, Fattal Hotels, Crowne Plaza Hotels, Holiday Inn hotels, and many more.

Based on the latest advanced technology, Optima, Hotel Management Software solution, gives the hotel all the features and functions to provide top notch guest services, expected by a sophisticated hotel while keeping the daily work simple and swift. It allows the hotel’s staff to use progressive tools to give better, more personal and efficient service to guests. The software also gives management at all levels in all areas, dynamic and accurate information and statistics to make informed decisions.

Silverbyte positioning itself as a global leader in hotel technology

The Optima Software Package enables a complete end-to-end management solution for the hotel group or independent hotel that includes all the in-house operations, management solutions and tools as well as online real time connection to the hotel’s home website and external distribution and booking systems.

We believe that it is not the customer who should adapt himself to the system but the system should adapt itself to the customer needs.
This is why the Optima Hotel Management Software solution is not sold as an “Off the shelf” product but an integrated system that can be customized to the customer needs.

About Silverbyte

About Silverbyte

Our Service and Support

Our support team, training team, and implementation team consist of high-class ex-hoteliers. Our teams have a deep understanding of customer needs, guest experience, various requests, feels etc. and could amend the support, the training and the implementation to be as much accurate as possible.

We provide a 24/7 high-class support level, customized training and implementation, and an ongoing escort once activating our programs.
Our development and QA team consists of leading personalities in this field to adapt and maintain the cutting edge technologies, in order to provide our clients with the First-class technologies.
New and improved versions are released every once in a while.
The development department is using advanced development tools and strict standards of analysis and programming resources.

Modifications to the system are being done constantly to meet requirements of our customers that are currently not in the system. Each Optima application has only one international version that is updated, upgraded and tested constantly, so when a new feature is added to meet a request of one customer, eventually everyone benefits from it.

Compliance to GDPR Regulations

Optima Guest Date Protection is compliant to the GDPR regulations.

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