Improve service and increase revenue with Kadabra Guests App

Meet Kadabra Guests App by Silverbyte, the mobile app for your hotel guests.

Invite your Hotel guests to use the app on their smartphones and tablets, improve their satisfaction and increase your profit. With Kadabra you will be able to present your guests with unique offers directly to their app (rooms upgrade, spa treatments, meals, etc.), and information about your hotel.

Kadabra Guests App allows the guests to control their reservations, to check their bill in any moment and eventually to pay it directly and check out. The guests’ control will help you to save employees time and to optimize your working process.

Kadabra is integrated with your Optima line, which will allow you to watch and monitor direct requests from guests, even before they are arriving your hotel. Ask your guests to rate your hotel and to suggest ways to improve your service. Direct communication with your guests will help you to prevent public negative reviews on forums and social media.

Kadabra guests app

Kadabra – Guests App

Improving Working Process

Kadabra will allow your hotel’s guests to perform various actions directly from the app, such as chek-out, updating their ETA, getting information about the hotel and more. Self service by the guests will help you to improve your working process and save your employees time.

Increase Up Sales

Every guest that will stay in your hotel and will download the app will receive special offers from you to increase your up sales. Offer the guests rooms upgrades, spa treatments, meals and more.

Great Service for Your Guests

Your guests will enjoy better service by using Kadabra. With Kadabra Guests App, it’s possible to contact the reception, to update the hotel with special requests, even before their arrival.

Easy & Simple Payment

The guests will have full image of their reservations, as they can pay their open bill anytime, directly in the app. Thanks to the easy payment process, guests can check out with the app, and not to waste time on the reception.

Direct Guests Feedback

Invite your guests to rate your service and to give feedbacks to improve your hotel. Hearing your guests’ thoughts and taking care of their suggestions will help you to improve your rate and reputation.

Connection to Optima

The app connects to your Optima and different actions on the app will show up on your Optima PMS interface.

Start managing your property smarter

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Kadabra Guests App