Optima Spa – manage your Spa easily 

Does Your Hotel operate a Spa? We have the perfect solution for you. Meet Optima Spa, our Spa Management software. Optima Spa developed to match Spa owners’ needs and to give them tools for better conduct, better working process and better service for their customers.

The Spa Management software provides you with several tools, such as building customers data base, calendar management, employees work schedule and more. With the software’s reports, the management are able to get all the answers to manage their Spa better.

Optima Spa Management is an Optima PMS add-on, which allows full integration between the two systems.

Spa Management

Optima Spa – Professional Solution to manage your Spa

Manage all aspects of Spa

Silverbyte’s cutting edge approach helped to develop Optima Spa especially for Hotel’s Spas, in order to help the management to improve their working process and revenue .

Manage Customers Service

Optima Spa helps to track and analyze information about customers, including personal and demographic data, treatments and purchases history, medical condition and customers special requests. All the info is available live, to assist the staff to give the best service.

Connection to Hotel PMS

One of Optima Spa Management’s biggest advantages is the connection to Optima PMS. This connection allows the hotel managers to get a simple image on their Spa, inside their Optima PMS. The connection also shows one report for each guest, as his Spa activities is part of his guest’s profile.

Reports and Control System

Smart Spa management, like every business management, needs accurate and available data about different aspects. Optima Spa has the ability to export variety of reports, in order to improve working process, financial process, work assignments and customers calendar.

Management of Therapists

The software taking care of the matching between therapists and customers, therapy type and room. The software allows the managers to set the schedule according to their staff and to the customers’ requests. Optima Spa also help to manage the staff, from arranging work schedule to calculate commissions.

Spa Customer Memberships

Keep your customers satisfy and close with the Membership Module. The Module will allow you to feet each customer with flax membership, which includes number of treatments, his profile and more.

Start managing your property smarter

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